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Company Description

The Economic Competitiveness Group is a group of professional economists, planners, and management consultants dedicated to helping clients achieve sustainable economic competitiveness using an innovative, cluster-based methodology, a proven collaborative implementation process, and a host of related analytical and institution-building services.

ECG specializes in assisting regions (metropolitan areas, states, countries, and cross- border regions) to develop and implement action-oriented economic development strategies.

For over 15 years the professionals of ECG have applied a set of action-oriented approaches for strategy that have been successfully used in:

  • Leading Economic Centers: Central Puget Sound Region, Los Angeles, Greater New York Metropolitan area, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, Florida, Arizona, the MidAmerica region, Osaka, Japan.
  • Emerging Economies: Kazakhstan, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guyana, Croatia, Republic of Georgia, Malaysia, Bangalore, India, Mexico, Morocco.
  • Transforming Economies: Slovenia, Slovakia, Jena (former East Germany), South Africa.

These efforts have been sponsored by state and local governments, business leadership groups, public-private collaboratives, partnerships between national and local governments, international agencies, philanthropic foundations, and private sponsors. In every instance, ECG consultants were engaged at a time when the region's economy was undergoing a major competitive challenge that called for a dramatic rethinking of strategy for the future.

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