ECG Launches Seed Clusters in Mendoza, Argentina

Argentinian mountains

ECG is currently finalizing a project aimed at launching seed clusters in Mendoza, Argentina. Known world-wide for its superb wines, Mendoza's other historical strength is in petroleum industries, which has meant among other things that it has one of the best Energy Engineering programs in the Southern Cone. This project, with funding from the Inter-American Development Bank, focuses on growing two tourism segments (Adventure Tourism and Rural Tourism) and three industry services sectors (Energy Services, Apparel, and Graphics).

A companion project with ECG's collaborators ITG, ETG and Fundacion Chile focuses on four emerging agricultural sub-sectors. Over 50 initiatives have been developed across the nine clusters, and ECG is focusing primarily on helping local leaders structure these initiatives, align them with broader strategies for each cluster, and ensure their implementation. A study tour that included the TCI conference in Portland, Oregon and visits to Monterey, Napa and Silicon Valley in California helped to reinforce cluster concepts as well as provide concrete business leads for potential exports.

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