Cluster Training Courses

Course Features

Intensive Format - conducted over two consecutive days.

Top-Notch Expertise - led by a team of experienced international trainers with many years of combined experience in successful cluster projects.

Flexible Scheduling – dates are arranged according to the group's scheduling and time constraints.

Additional Materials – participants receive hard copies of all training materials.

Emphasis on Practical Steps – the course will follow a "learning by doing" approach. Participants will engage in simulations of the key steps of the clustering process.

Customization – curricula tailored to the group's unique needs, allowing participants to gain genuine comprehension of concepts, and take-home lessons that are relevant to the clusters of their own regions.

Cost Savings – the course is geared for economic development professionals who seek an intensive, cost-effective means to immerse themselves in the world of clustering techniques.

Best Practices Case Studies – ECG's facilitators will draw upon case studies from their past projects, to illustrate the "dos and don'ts" of clustering. Specific examples will be drawn from a diverse array of sectors, such as Tourism, Information Technology, Agriculture and Advanced Materials.

Empowerment Orientation – Whereas some economic consultants deliver analysis or presentations, ECG is committed to building client capacity in the cluster analysis and facilitation techniques needed for tangible economic progress.

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