Cluster Training Courses


The new economy is about speed, quality, flexibility, innovation, networks and critical mass. At Economic Competitiveness Group (ECG), we believe this new style of doing business demands a team approach at a local level...a clustering approach.

For over 15 years, ECG has been providing ground-breaking methods for implementing innovative, cluster-based methodologies. ECG's staff of professional economists, planners, and management consultants are dedicated to developing and implementing collaborative economic strategies across the globe.

Cluster development requires hands-on facilitation - and ECG's team of seasoned trainers and consultants is uniquely qualified to bring the transformative power of clusters to clients ready to accelerate economic development in their regions. The objective of the course is to build local capacity in the process of cluster development. The analytical tools needed for collaborative economic development are presented. The ECG team places heavy emphasis on the practical skills and steps to launching and maintaining a cluster development program.

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