Cluster Training Courses


"Collaboration can be a challenge for agricultural producers; This workshop made us a believer, and provided the tools to help develop meaningful partnerships in Oregon."

John Szczepanski
Assistant Director, Oregon Department of Agriculture

"This training was invaluable in the establishment of the ocean technology cluster on Canada's East Coast. A comprehensive training program covered the key strategic concepts of cluster development and provided participants with the hands-on, practical tools necessary to build a world-class business cluster. For those of us involved in cluster facilitation, this program is a must."

Dennis Hogan
Development Executive, Oceans Advance, Canada

"To learn the theory of clusters is one thing – but to actually see how they are developed is an entirely different thing. Our Cluster Training course taught us a very valuable lesson: sound and genuine leadership enables the group to move into a shared cluster vision, creating an environment where anything can happen."

Mrs. Nesreen Barakat
Director of Jordanian National Competitiveness Team

"ECG's training course, helped us tap into the full set of development opportunities that lie behind the 'cluster' buzzword. We learned how collaborative processes and global best practices could help us refocus our efforts on the issues that really matter. An eye-opening experience!"

Carlos Zúñiga
Director of National Competitiveness Program, Nicaragua

"My understanding of how clusters really work, especially the training in facilitation techniques, was enhanced by the hands-on methods used in the workshop -- it felt like you were practically doing it for real."

Dr. Nana Adeishvili, Executive Director
Centre for Enterprise Restructuring and Management Assistance (CERMA)
Assistant Director, Oregon Department of Agriculture

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